Welcome to Sure Shot Cattle Company - Home of the Best Miniature Jersey Cattle in Nebraska.

We DO NOT have any Standard Size Jerseys on our

Farm. We only offer Miniature Jersey Cows for Sale.

We do have animals available now. Scroll down for listing. All offered Miniature Jersey cattle have been tested free of TB, Brucellosis, Johne's Disease, Leukosis (BLV) and BVD-PI unless they are too young to be tested. In the case of baby calves too young to be tested, their parents have been tested free of the above listed diseases. Feel free to call me if you don't see what you are looking for. Our Miniature Jersey cows will be calving October 2018. If you are interested in purchasing a calf and want to get off the "eternal waiting list" contact us for availability. These animals are very rare and in high demand. If you are serious about owning one, you need to talk to us about reserving your calf. We have a refundable, deposit only, waiting list. If we can't provide you with a calf by the date we both agree on, we will refund your deposit.

Buying a Bull:  They must from excellent dams and exceptional sires. If you are going to purchase a bull, let's get you into one that actually "should" be a bull due to his superior genetics. Many people offer bulls for sale because they can't stomach the idea of steering the little guys. A lot more thought should go into purchasing a bull. Our future genetics for the breed depend on it. Give this some thought... A cow will produce 10-15 offspring in her life. A bull can easily produce more than 100 offspring. Of those offspring, around 50 will be additional bulls. If you don't start off with a bull that has excellent genetics and qualities, consider how negatively this can ultimately affect the breed as a whole.

Registered Miniature Jersey Bulls: We occasionally have one for sale. Our bulls have excellent genetics and will make superior sires. The dam's have beautiful udders and excellent conformation. They range in age from 8 months old to 14 months old. Please inquire for additional information. High quality bulls are VERY HARD to find. If you need one, call for availability. Usually you will need to reserve a bull if you will need one.

Please call to get on our deposit with contract for fall October 2018 calf waiting list. 

July 2018 Availability

10 Month Old Registered Miniature Jersey Bull Calf

Please contact me for availability. You can call me at 303-931-9950 or 308-436-1754. You will probably need to leave a message and I will get back to you.



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