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Farm Fun
Farm Fun- Below you will find lots of photos of our daily life on the farm. Lots of people were interested in raising meat birds so we included a little pictorial of that project as well. Keep scrolling down if you are not interested in the chicken project.

Our latest project is raising 100 Freedom Range Meat Chickens for our freezer. These chickens do well in high altitude and are not "Franken Chickens". These birds have been remarkably healthy. They are fast growing very mobile chickens. They amaze us with their growth rate.


2 day old Freedom Rangers.

2 week old Freedom Rangers

3 week old Freedom Rangers

6 week old Freedom Ranger Rooster.

8 weeks old.

Here is my Dad helping me with the final weighing of the chickens.

10 Weeks old  and on the way to the processor

The chickens still have a few weeks until processing. We will update you with more photos and let you know how the project finished out. This has been an incredibly easy endeavor and we encourage anyone who is interested in raising meat birds to give it a try!

When we get a lot of flies, we have found pretending to be African animals helps to confuse them and keep them out of our eyes!

This is Woody. He "hitch-hiked" to our farm from the mountains. He is a Marmot and moves around our farm. We never know where he will pop up next!

One really cool thing about our farm: animals who are sick or hurt go to the hospital to get better. We prefer to treat our animals. They are very important to us! We also have a veterinarian who is on call 24/7 for our farm calls. 

Our family is so great about helping us out at our Community Service Event of the year. We spend a week at the Boulder County Fair strictly for educational purposes. Pictured from left to right: Brother Bob, Father-in-law Fran, Mother-in-law Carol, Sara (yep, that's me) and Mother-in-law Fran. 

Check out how small this little guy is. He's a Miniature Longhorn. He is now part of a petting zoo in Wyoming.

This is the WRONG way to build an irrigation dam. However, my son Michael and I had a really fun time "messing" with my husband when we made this!

Here is my cross country hauling rig. We have logged in a lot of miles.

Here is our "new" loader.  Pair this tractor with my husband and you have a dynamic pen cleaning duo!

One of my cows "pooped" all over my son's jeans. Next thing I know he is "forking hay" in his undergarments! Made me laugh for a long while.

Here is one of our cows after she fell in to the Highland ditch. Good thing we found her and her lucky friend. A few more hours and they would have been lost to hypothermia. Too bad no one was around to see me and my friend Ida swimming fully clothed to force them under the log you see. We actually had to submerge the cows and make them swim under that log. We felt like superheros that day!

Calf jackets are just the thing to keep the little guys cozy in the winter.

Our cat Hemi is a little confused. Apparently he prefers to give mice piggyback rides rather than eating them.

This little guy was an orphan twin calf. He did not have much will to live when he was kindly brought to our farm by a local cattleman. Charlotte took one look and adopted the little guy. All he needed was a mother's love to bring back his will to live.

Here is our cattle chute and the alleyway my husband made me. I take the side out to facilitate milking.

Here is my niece Daphne learning to milk one of our Mini Jersey cows. It would be better to get the milk in the bucket! Ha!

Here I am demonstrating milking to a group of children at the county fair. The cow is one of my Miniature Jersey's named Butter Cream Corner Angelina Luv.

This is my best friend Ida. We are having fun with one of the Miniature Jersey cows who is giving her dog Badger a ride. It was hilarious!

This little guy seems to be wondering what we are looking at!

Here is my husband moving some hay with my little tractor. It's just my size. 

Son Michael pounding posts for new fence.

Here's our freeze brand. H over Sunset. Pretty interesting. Cattle theft is a big thing in Colorado and brands are how ownership is proven. I prefer to freeze brand the cows since it is not painful like hot brands are.

Left to right: Lulu, Daisy, Shirley, Meme, Misty, Feather, Angelina, Elora and Alia- Miniature Jerseys enjoying the fall weather in the pasture.

Here's my dad, Jeff, helping me with watering my cows. We haul all the water to our cows using this set-up. This takes up a lot of my time. 

My naughty cows are so smart. They watched me using the footbridge and decided it was a good idea for them to use it! Bad idea. Now I have to board it up so they can't use it. Don't want to risk them doing the splits on the bridge when it frosts.

Elora and LuLu enjoying the warm fall day.

Here is my sister, Whitney, helping me with the baby calves.

Ida, Snowflake and her little baby, Callie.

Here is one of our hay loads. Taking care of this many cows is a lot of work on and off the farm. My son is up top giving us a candid moment.

Living on the farm can be a lot of fun. This baby racoon was my foster child for a while. He lives back in the wild now.

Pst! Hey Ida, "Aren't Sara's Miniature Jerseys the cutest cows your've ever seen?" BTW, "Do you know where Sara keeps my treats?"

Moving big 1200 pound round bales of hay with the loader. 

Brushing one of the mid-size Miniature Jerseys.

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