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Lowline Herd

Semen Only Available. See the Bull/ Semen for Sale Page

Why Choose Lowlines?
There are many reasons a person might choose to get involved in Lowline Cattle. Here are a few of them:
  • They are gentle cows that are perfect for small acreage.
  • Lowlines are extremely feed efficient. They thrive on limited forage and are easy to raise.
  • They are very healthy animals with few health problems.
  • Potential tax benefits for Agricultural Zoned properties.
  • High meat to carcass ratio. More beef!
  • They make excellent pets and are easy to befriend. 
  • Small size make them easy cattle for first time livestock owners.
  • Lowline bulls are a perfect choice to use for first calf heifers. 
  • Sell breeding stock.

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